Mental & Performance Coach
Founder of The Clarity Compass
Transforming online entrepreneurs into purpose driven action takers
"I want to scale my online business
I know what to do
I know how to do"

Why am i not getting the desired results?"

Is it discipline, execution, time-management, energy, focus, health, or motivation
which is are holding you back?  

Learn the major universal components which is preventing most people
from  the succes they are fighting for every day
Performance Coach, Mental Coach, Digital entrepreneurs
 In this training you will learn:
 State, Story, Strategy is the reason why people do not succed
and by that the key to unlock your individual potential.
 A strategy is just a specific way of organizing your ressources in order to consistently produce the same results.
 You are a ressource. The big question is how ressourceful is the state of mind you´re approaching your days with. You can´t perform better than you feel. 
 Your story and your identity is leading you 95% of the day, executing automated behaviors based on current beliefs and past experriences.
 My personal story and transformation.
"Mikkel is not just a coach. He is someone who actually cares about what i want to achieve, and that is why he is so succesfull"
- Oliver Raahauge
"I went from 0 clients to 5K euro monthly revenue in my SMMA, after i started working with Mikkel. 5/5 stars from me"
- Benjamin Andersen
"After starting working with Mikkel he has really made me see myself as the winner i am, and also taught me how important it is to take massive revenue generating actions everyday, so i can grow as a person"
- Anders Vestergaard
"Mikkel has pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me chase my dream and he has energized me alot and gave me a positive winner mindset. 
- Simon Overgaard
"I´m way more energized, organized and focused, and i´m litteraly a 2.0 version of myself"
- Christian Qvitzau 
"Mikkel is always motivating and encouraging me, with his voicemessages during the coaching program"
- Simon Overgaard
"Mikkel is a fucking machine. He´s always challenging my limiting beliefs and can highly recommend his coaching program"
- Frederik Pagh
"After working with Mikkel i have done more in my business the last month, than one year"
- Andreas Chaniago
"Mikkel has given me tools i will use for the rest of my life, specially discipline and vision"
- Jack De Paiva 
"I have participated in Mikkels coaching program and i highly recommend it. It has changed my apporach to my life"
- Jonas Bjerril
Mental & Performance Coach
Mikkel Frogh
Frogh Consulting @ 2021